Commercial Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities Now Available for Thailand Health, Fitness and Wellness Expo 2021

Thailand Health, Fitness and Wellness Expo 2021 will take place at CentralWorld on 25-28 March 2021. The four-day extravaganza will see a schedule packed with activities including an exhibition, workshops and networking events.

Health, fitness and wellness enthusiasts can look forward to the inaugural Thailand Health, Fitness and Wellness Expo, which will take place at Bangkok’s CentralWorld on 25-28 March 2021. Among scheduled events are a sportswear fashion show, healthy lifestyle seminars, healthy cooking workshops, group classes, dancing, DJs and live music, and a health, fitness and wellness party.

During the event, attendees can also join a seminar, organised to foster discussion and learning in the health, fitness and wellness industry. The seminar will tackle specific topics such as youth fitness and athletic programming, training clients with diabetes, veganism for fitness and athletic performance, and empowering clients to make lifestyle changes.

Thailand has a long tradition for health, fitness and wellness, with the traditional Thai massage practised throughout the world. In recent years, the country has garnered a reputation as one of Asia’s most popular wellness destinations with world-class spas and wellness retreats abundant. Mass participation sports events are also regularly held throughout the country with high turnout from both domestic and foreign participants.

Organised by JAND Group Co., Ltd. in association with JAND Events, Thailand Health, Fitness and Wellness Expo comes at a time when more and more people across Asia are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of keeping a healthy lifestyle and seek ways to improve their health, be it participating in fitness classes, taking steps to improve their diets and nutrition, or using apps, products and gadgets to monitor health and fitness levels.

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