Our Story

Expenditure on a holistic approach to health is one of the fastest growing sectors in Asia.

Consumers are increasingly participating in fitness classes and activities, using products, devices and apps that improve their wellness, eating organic and natural foods, taking health supplements and following special diets.

Thailand Health & Fitness Expo will leverage on the peak period of Phuket’s tourism season and add value to the tourism landscape by complementing the tourist market in Phuket focusing on the huge interest in health, fitness and wellness further developing the interest in the island.

Thailand Health & Fitness Expo works with the global, regional, national and local health and fitness sectors to add to their offering to the Phuket population and Phuket tourists (to increase their spend) as well as open the possibilities for travel in Phuket to new clients and markets.


Develop the Expo, promoting Phuket as a destination for health, fitness and wellness holidays.

Add to the current marketing and promotional efforts in positioning Phuket as a holiday destination.

Raise Phuket’s profile in the health, fitness and wellness industry.