Royal Phuket Marina

Thailand Health & Fitness Expo 2020 will be held at Royal Phuket Marina (RPM) with plans to move to other locations throughout Thailand from 2021.

RPM was chosen for its comprehensive range of facilities and services including Phuket’s largest dedicated exhibition hall, which can cater for events up to 10,000 people and boasts a wide range of technical provisions to enhance the production and presentation of any event.

For some, RPM is a hub of excitement, regattas and parties, cocktails on the Boardwalk, or sharing adventures after a day at sea. For others, it is quiet relaxation, lounging at the cafe, or a rare vintage wine with friends. For everyone, it is the very definition of luxury.

The retail concept, which forms part of RPM, promises a world-class shopping, dining and entertainment experience of exceptional style, quality, variety and fun.


Phuket is an island located 862 km southwest of Thailand’s capital Bangkok in the Andaman Sea.

In 2018 it was named the ‘Second Best Beach in the World’ by business publication US News & World Report for its white sands, aquamarine waters and limestone cliffs that attract millions of travellers every year. The island was hailed as “a little piece of paradise” according to the magazine.

November through March is the cool northeast monsoon season, when cool breezes keep things comfortable. The average daily temperature is around 24C to 32C.