Thailand Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo

With the world seemingly coming to a standstill in these very tough times and whilst acknowledging the difficulties many people are having, it is important to remember that life will return to normal and when it does we have to be ready to work hard to rebuild our businesses and connect again with our customers. At JAND Events we believe the actions we take now to help build something for the future that everyone can enjoy, such as the Thailand Health, Fitness and Wellness Expo is essential to giving people something to look forward too as and when life starts to return to normal for us all, as it will.

We continue to monitor everything closely and with the Thai government announcing a gradual relaxation of the lockdown currently through to the middle of June we believe an August date will be the optimum time to hold this great Expo and although It is easy to postpone, we hand on heart really believe that rights holders that go ‘against the tide’, of course when it is safe to do so, will be the long-term winners.

There will be huge value in the market for brands brave enough to commit budget rather than wait until a return to normality. There is also a clear opportunity for brands not just to be seen to support rights holders who are all affected financially by prolonged disruption to the calendar – but be the brand that was there in times of uncertainty and believed in them then. Many brands are using this ‘opportunity’ to make a meaningful investment and long-term friends/partners – the brands know that the rights holders will not forget those that supported them when times were tough.